Financial Abuse

Money makes the world go round and a perpetrator knows this. In financial abuse, a perpetrator may control the victim's money or not allow the victim to obtain a job. As we all know, in order to pay bills and get around, we all need money therefore a victim is left helpless to depend on the perpetrator for survival. Another form of financial abuse includes the perpetrator forging financial documents or lying about the means of resources again, leaving the victim vulnerable to legal ramifications. 

Here are some examples of financial abuse*:

  • Trying to control your use of or access to money you have earned or saved

  • Using your assets for their personal benefit without asking

  • Ruining your credit history by running up limits and then not paying bills

  • Claiming to make payments or pay bills in your name but not following through

  • Borrowing money or making charges without repaying it

  • Using offers to help with your budget or financial decisions as a cover for gaining control over your finances

  • Requiring you to bail them out of difficult financial situations​

  • Threatening to lie to officials 



Image by lucas Favre