Get Involved

Non-Financial Sponsorship

Yes, money is important but right now, we rely on partnerships and teamwork. Whether it is supporting us through marketing/ advertisement, media, Zoom platforms, etc. we appreciate the support to spread the word on all the abuses that are not being recognized and persecuted. Victims need to be heard not only through their community but through the courts. Enough is enough. We all know somebody who has experienced some form of abuse and the perpetrator often gets away with it ESPECIALLY when it comes to psychological abuse. 

Event Speaker

Let's share our stories and spread them to the world. Dare Me to Speak will be holding speaking events where we can hear from experts in the field as well as from personal experiences that will inspire others. This is a space to learn tips and resources while knowing you are not alone.  If you are interested in being one of our event speakers or know someone, please reach out to us. 

Your experiences and voices matter and we want policymakers to listen and make those changes. Currently, we are working on creating two petitions. Yes, change may take time but we are a team and together we will succeed. Sign today!

Help Someone

Are you in an industry where you can provide some free help to a person in need? Contact us so we may put your information in the resource section. Perhaps one particular person made an impact on you. Let us know. If that information shared their information publicly you can reach out or maybe we can help. In any case, we work as a team to help each other out.

Share a story or support others that have shared their story. All we ask is that you stay respectful to our tribe.

Share Resources 

No two places are alike so we appreciate your sharing any resources in your area (city, state, country). Sharing is caring and your contribution can really make an impact on another person's life.