Online Abuse

This abuse is growing as our world relies on the internet to communicate and get things accomplished. Technically there are internet laws in the United States although they really are not enforced. If we look at the United States and the details of the first amendment, freedom of speech does not allow harm to others.* Unfortunately when people harass a person and post false information, it is rarely enforced by the law and again, requires financial resources to defend.  

With social media being the main source of communication for kids these days, online abuse is growing exponentially and leading many into mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Unfortunately, people can get around laws in their own country simply by using a server in a different country. Additionally, Google is not too helpful in removing content from the internet if you cannot prove they are false so basically, people are left helpless and victims of defamation.

Things posted on the internet are damaging not only to a person's character but also makes obtaining employment very difficult, almost impossible. It ruins peoples lives.  People love to read online sources but rarely seek confirmation of the truth. There is a story to everything but who's willing to give you a chance and listen?


Image by Sergey Zolkin