Abuse of Government Power

The United States government and many branches of the US government go after innocent people often due to misinformation or manipulation of information.

The 6th amendment of the constitution includes the right to obtain witnesses and to retain counsel but when a person does not have the financial resources to obtain counsel so that witnesses and evidence can be submitted, citizens of this country are left to suffer dire consequences like the government garnishing wages, garnishing tax refunds, and even imprisonment.

I propose: if the government is to place a case against any citizen, it should provide counsel for any person that is unable to afford one. Furthermore, no document, judgment, or settlement should be considered valid if signed without legal representation. We must take a stand for our rights and freedom against a government that rewards those that can buy their freedom but persecutes those without.

I ask you to please sign this petition so that we may change the law and policies ensuring that every citizen is protected and not bullied by the government and their attorneys. Currently, there are more laws that protect people from being sued criminally but not on a civil level. People are left with immense bills and their tax returns and wages garnished.


The government looks at us as tallies not as people. We must take a stand together. 

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