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Whose in Your Tribe?

We live in a world that is motivated and driven by technology. I, myself have had a great desire to maintain a sense of history where we wrote by hand on a piece of paper with a pen or pencil. To this day as our children are inundated with technology, I see my three boys enamored, almost obsessed with being on their computer, phone, or tablet. A mother not willing to let go of old traditions in the hope that my children will embrace board games, drawing, and playing together without a conversation through technology instead of the face to face interaction is something that I am passionate about maintaining a struggle. The thing is, we do live in a world where the old is out and the new is a must. It is even more difficult when all the struggles we have been through don’t afford us the high-end technology or the most fashionable clothing and shoes. Life can really stink especially for kids in middle school.

As a woman that has endured psychological, sexual, financial, and online abuse I have realized that if we do not work hard to stand up for ourselves and our children, we will simply be washed out with the waves into a world where we follow the others like robots. My struggles have helped me discover strengths I never knew existed or perhaps was just really afraid to accept. When life throws the kitchen sink at you there are two choices:

1. Cry and succumb to a difficult life becoming dependent on others

2. Suck it up, cry for a moment then get up and fight

I chose the second option, and I am so glad I did. Life is not easy, and it will continue to offer tons of sour lemons but one thing I know for sure is that when you are genuine not only to yourself but with those around you, the toxic, judgmental people in your life will laugh at your pain while true friends will join your force to strengthen you. By the way, these friends are not necessarily those you have had for years. As the matter of fact, oftentimes the friends you thought were friends will be weaned out of your life but I promise, you will make new, compassionate, life-long friends. I am blessed to say that I have some really amazing friends and it is because of them and my family that my struggles are a bit more bearable. It’s true, it does take a tribe to make life work. Who’s in your tribe?

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