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Oh Technology!

Updated: Jan 13

I love technology… kind of. I mean, it is very convenient in so many ways. It has made life more convenient but it has also made it really stressful. Let’s take kids for example, they can’t seem to hold a conversation unless it is written in acronyms on social media. With remote learning I feel I must be on constant watch with three boys and let’s face it, we as parents have enough to worry about. The other side of technology that has major negative impacts is trying to get a job especially when employers seem to do their “due diligence” based on what they see on Google or your social media. If you read the About page on my website, you already know that my name has been smashed all over the place on the internet. Listen, if I read about me on the internet, I wouldn’t like myself and of course I would not hire myself. The thing is, a lot of what we see on the internet has two stories, if not more. We rely so heavily on technology that we allow our thoughts to become what we are told by others. The number of times I have heard, “well, it’s on Google so it must be true”. People trying to obtain jobs, even without negative information about them are having a hard time proving their worth as our resumes are being judged by a computer. Professional resume writers are required now days to assist your resume possibly getting a chance to be viewed so for those that are lacking funds and hoping to get a job- good luck! It’s gonna cost you. Seriously it is ridiculous. We live in a judgmental world where kids are learning to socialize through social media and online games. Where we are judged based on words of others and not by who we are. With fear of lawsuits, companies will never tell you that you were not considered for a job because of what they saw on your social media or on the internet. It is a constant struggle in this uncertain world that is quickly become a nonverbal while lacking compassion. I suppose we must take it one day at a time and see how it all unfolds.


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