Abuse of Power

Those with money or resources, especially the government go after the most vulnerable populations knowing the victim is unable to defend oneself. In many countries, many have witnesses their freedom taken away, left to surrender to what they are told to do otherwise suffer dire consequences. Other instances include the government suing citizens of their own country without providing the victim to provide evidence to prove their innocence. Victims are induced into signing settlements without proper representation for defence leaving victims helpless and prisoners of the government often through unplayable debt. When speaking about governments, we see abuse of power at various levels. For example, in the United States, it is often hidden with much of it being done behind closed doors whereas in countries like Venezuela, Africa, and Brazil (to name a few) the abuse of power is openly displayed by the government as they proudly prove their oppression towards their citizens. 

When it comes to individuals, we have seen many influential people get away with crimes that the general public especially those with a lack of resources, would do a lifetime in prison for. The fact is, money buys freedom. Those that have the money will buy the best representation to maintain their freedom. 

All citizens deserve protection and the ability to defend themselves with representation. If governments want to accuse innocent people of crimes with limited evidence, they should ensure it is an equal playing field.

Image by Shalom de León