Psychological Abuse

(aka Emotional or Mental Abuse)

This form of abuse is meant to hurt and intimidate the victim so that the victim feels belittled and afraid. This can be done through verbal abuse as the victim is repeatedly told things that make the victim feel inadequate and unable to live without the perpetrator. This form of abuse cannot be seen therefore hard to prove but nevertheless is damaging, perhaps more damaging than physical abuse because the scars and bruises cannot be seen nor proven. The perpetrator often uses threats to maintain a victim in his/her control and may even use other people and their safety to ensure a victim does not go against the perpetrator. 

The perpetrator wants to main control of their victim and will continually weaken their victim to ensure their victim feels helpless and feels the perpetrator is the only person on their side.

Healthline has offered an article on how to recognize the signs of this form of abuse. 

  • Name-calling

  • Derogatory pet names

  • yelling

  • Dismissiveness

  • "Joking"

  • Threats

  • Shaming

  • Digital Spying

  • Financial control

  • Outbursts

  • Denying the truth

  • Accusing you

  • Isolation from others

These are only a few of many signs. If you feel you are a victim of psychological abuse, seek assistance to regain your life back. See tips and resources for some information that can hopefully assist you.

Reference: Healthline

Image by Sydney Sims